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FineParts Co. Ltd. (hereinafter, "FineParts") is well aware of its duty to handle all information that could be used to identify specific individuals ("personal data") with the utmost care in the interests of respecting individual's rights. FineParts takes its responsibility to appropriately handle and protect personal data very seriously. Specifically, FineParts protects personal data in line with the following policy.

1) FineParts will only obtain personal data by legitimate and fair means and will always specify the purpose for which data will be used and notify the individual concerned or publicly disclose the relevant details.

2) Unless specifically instructed otherwise in accordance with the law or other regulations, FineParts will only use personal data insofar as is necessary for the stated purpose.

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4) If outsourcing the handling of personal data, FineParts will only use service providers that meet the required security management standards and will monitor service providers as necessary and appropriate through steps such as the conclusion of privacy agreements.

5) Unless specifically required to do in accordance with the law or other regulations, FineParts will never disclose or provide personal data to a third party without first obtaining the consent of the relevant individual.

6) FineParts will respond quickly and appropriately to all individual inquiries regarding personal data or requests for the disclosure of or other action in relation to personal data.

7) FineParts will handle personal data in accordance with all legislation and standards applicable to the protection of personal data and make every effort to establish and make ongoing improvements to its internal systems so as to ensure that all directors, employees and other members of staff appreciate the importance of protecting personal data and handle personal data in an appropriate manner (through training schemes, etc.).